Hospital facility maintenance for efficient, effective patient care

F acility maintenance involves the people, procedures, and platforms you need to get the most efficiency and performance out of a hospital building’s physical assets and infrastructure over the longest possible period. Often, it is the people and their processes that support organizations and help them get the greatest utility from their healthcare buildings. The goal of hospital facility maintenance is to make sure everything looks good, is safe, and is in working order.

To accomplish these goals, facility maintenance must cover a lot, including but not limited to:

    Outdoor Environment: lawnmowing, landscaping, snow removal

    Interior equipment: HVAC, office equipment, hospital machinery and equipment

    Infrastructure: paint, windows, doors, flooring

    Building systems : fire suppression, electrical, elevators, stairs, and plumbing

Why should a hospital or care clinic place importance on facility maintenance?

Hospital managers should place high importance on safety in hospitals and require all maintenance staff to properly ensure that the facility is safe for patients, fellow staff and visitors. Correctly maintaining the facility allows everyone within the building to completely focus on treating patients, and guarantees patient care is top priority. The average hospital maintenance team will take care of a lot of the work themselves, but there are times when they need to bring in outside contractors or vendors. In many instances, only certified, specialized technicians can work on fire suppression systems, elevators or HVAC equipment.

Many top-performing hospitals are required to conduct facility inspection rounds to keep the environment safe. These rounds should be conducted more often in patient care areas than in non-patient care areas. In-order for these inspections to be effective, it is imperative that an all-inclusive checklist be used so that everyday safety hazards and potential risks could be monitored, and essential corrective measures be followed.

A checklist should be constructed based off the individual building’s infrastructure, staff and requirements. Below is an example list:

Facility maintenance checklist

    Check to ensure the floor is not uneven, or slippery which could contribute to a slip or trip and fall.

    Monitor elevators for any sign of hazard, such as sudden stoppage or jerky movements.

    Ensure there are no exposed and unprotected electrical wirings.

    Check for any hazardous or infections material being improperly stored or disposed of.

    Look at the condition of equipment in the area. Ensure that it is not likely to cause harm to patient/staff, such as electric shock, burns etc.

    Make sure all fire extinguishers available in the are up to code and not expired.

    Check to make sure all areas have adequate lighting.

    Ensure all garbage, sharps, and biowaste is properly disposed of.

    Clean and disinfect all patient rooms, bathrooms, and waiting areas.

    Routinely check up on the building’s HVAC unit and conduct an all-over inspection to prevent any stoppage of service.

Hospital cleaning and care

Health care environments need a multifaceted method of cleaning for accurate hygienic safety. To make sure all cleaning is conducted correctly, consider:

    The products applied: There are dozens of cleaning products available, but not all are high quality and safe for regular use. It is important to use the correct solutions for the given job and select a chemical provider with experience in the healthcare industry

    Techniques and equipment employed: Attaining a suitable state of cleanliness within hospitals relies heavily on how well the environment cleaned. By using products, equipment and methods correctly, janitorial staff can ensures the hospital is as clean as it can be.

    The kind of surfaces being disinfected and sanitized: Not all surfaces are created equally, and all vary in how dirty they get. The correct cleaning products and equipment will differ by surface.

    The amount of contamination: An environment that is severely soiled with visible dirt or organic matter will necessitate much more consideration and effort to clean and properly sanitize than others.

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